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Meeting With Media Representatives

December 23, 2017

Meeting With Media Representatives

Environmental Information and Education Centre (EIEC) organized training for Media Representatives within of the Joint project of  “Applying Landscape and Sustainable Land Management (L-SLM) for mitigating land degradation and contributing to poverty reduction in rural areas’’.

The aim of the meeting was to introduce problems and challenges to land and soil degradation for different media representatives and increase their involvement in solving problems and improvement of the situation, particularly in sustainable management of land.

The meeting participants were addressed by the Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia  Nino Tandilashvili and Director of Environmental Information and Education Center Ia Papiashvili.

Within the framework of the informational meeting, participants were acquainted with the situation in the world, especially in terms of land and soil degradation, in terms of problem solving – the importance of sustainable management of land and the role of international treaties and national legislation.

In addition, ongoing projects implemented in Georgia. They also submitted reports on the importance of raising environmental education and awareness in the process of degradation of land degradation, municipality, particularly Dedoplistskaro’s vision and carpentry strip.

In the course of the meeting, the journalists were given the opportunity to get

acquainted with the planned implementation of project “Landscape and Land Resources Sustainable Management to Improve Land Degradation and Poverty Reduction in Agricultural Territories”.

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