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Akhmeta Municipalty

Akhmeta municipality covers an area of 220,700 ha, including 80,266 ha of agricultural land.91,200 ha is covered with forests.

Akhmeta borders Dusheti municipality and Tianeti municipality in the west, Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation in the north, Telavi municipality and the Autonomous Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation in the east, and Sagarejo municipality in the south.The territory of Akhmeta municipality is rich in the geomorphological contrasts. The largest Portion of the area is surrounded by high ridges and mountains. Relatively low parts are located in the southern part of the municipality in the form of Alazani Plain.

The population of Akhmeta Municipality as of 2015, was 42 400, including 8 500 of urban and 33900 of rural residents. Population density is 19 people per square km, which is significantly less than the national average (67 people per km).

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