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Gardabani Municipalty

Gardabani municipality is situated in the east Georgia – on the territory of the historical geographic Kvemo Kartli. The area comprises 1304 km2, 872 km2 from here is situated in the semi-arid zone, which comprises 66,8% of the total municipality area. South and South-west areas of Gardanbani municipality is mountainous, the central part of Gardabani is located on the right bank of Mtkvari River called Gardabani plain. South-East area of the municipality lies on the plateaus. Ialoni gorge (mount Ialoni 1881m .a.s.l), is the Northern area of Gardabani. The west border lies on the folded mountain system of Trialeti range The major packs of Gardabani are Sanishno (1499m a.s.l.) and Udzo (1419m a.s.l). Within the municipality, air is dry sub-tropical. Average annual air temperature ranges from 13°(lowland) to 5-6° (mountain). In July from the temperature ranges from 25 to 10-11°, absolute maximum 40-41°(lowland), 30-32° (mountain), absolute minimum -25, -27°. Average annual precipitation level is from 441 mm (Kumisi) to 900-1000 mm (the Ialno Ridge), maximum in May, and minimum in January.

The population of Gardabani municipality as of 2015 was 81 876, including 15% of urban and 85% of rural residents. Women make up to 65% (28 472) of the total population. Population density is 98 people per square km. Rural population density is 54 people per square km. The municipality area includes one urban settlement – city of Gardabani and 38 villages, which are united into 19 territorial bodies (community).

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